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Photo by Tom Parr

Venus (Official Video)

I'm Free - Tiny Desk Contest

What Do You Want From Me (Official Video)

The Chordaes | What Do You Want From Me

The Chordaes | What Do You Want From Me

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Popdust says...


"Venus" is superb. The song makes no pretense of stoic resignation. Instead, it bares the palpable energy of unrequited love."

No Depression says...

"The Chordaes wrap us in sky high melodies that jettison into dreamy shoe gaze territory, only to yank us back to straight up pop harmony in the chorus... The music is grand and overwhelming, but its grooves are irresistibly chic."

Born Music says...


"It’s like all your favourite guilty pleasure pop-rock anthems of the 90’s rolled into one contemporary cocktail."

Skope Magazine says...

“California” is by far one of the most articulate and poignant pop singles I’ve heard in sometime. If I didn’t know any better, you could have told me that it had been composed by more seasoned musicians, which only makes me eager to see what else this unit can come up with in the future.  


Gashouse Radio says...


Built around the incredible vocal set of frontman Leo Sawikin and featuring a guitar arrangement that is enough to make any music lover get weak at the knees, The Chordaes slip us a slow-acting drug in “California” that churns and swirls around us before receding and suddenly evaporating into the atmosphere. This isn’t your mom and dad’s indie rock...  It refuses to blend into the crowd

Substream Music says...

“In Itinere is... packed with some of the best low-key, guilty pleasure, pop-rock jams of the year. Best of all is a little gem called Something New”


All Things Go Music says…


“Burning slowly like the first stages of a fire... the New York outfit blends the raw, candid lyricism of early alternative rock with the expertise of classic Americana and doesn’t spill a drop.”


Impose Magazine says…


“A righteous EP...”


Popdose says…


Get the Feeling…is as catchy as the day is long… This band has genuine hit potential—one listen alone may give you that feeling; two or three listens just reaffirm and solidify the notion. If The Chordaes are this polished on their maiden ride into the world of recorded music, imagine what could come next.


Deli Magazine says…


Elegant melodies, measured arrangements and a rather mellow approach…this is a group of young and talented musicians with noteworthy songwriting chops and a vocalist who can touch hearts in ways reminiscent of unforgotten NYC hero Jeff Buckley.


Diffuser says…


‘Touch the Ground’ is a dynamic track that showcases the Chordaes’ many influences — tinges of Jeff Buckley, Big Star, the Beatles, Neil Young all abound — and its theme is something most listeners can instantly relate to.


Philly Mixtape says…


Vibey, chill, powerful, deep… The Chordaes are here to stay.


Baeble says…


…An undeniable affinity for melody and instrumentation that beautifully captures love and loss…


Blackbook says…

The indie rock trio has developed a cinnamon sweet sound that keeps its manly cool with Sawikin’s perfectly rugged vocals driving each track.

Elmore Magazine says…

The Chordaes’ music is a diverse array of sounds and ideas, inspired by the freewheeling experimentation of Radiohead and late period Beatles while retaining a strictly pop essence.


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Photo by Nina Wurtzel @wurtzelphotos
Photo by Tom Parr
Photo by Tom Parr

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